Associations are required to have certain types of insurance for common areas and for protection of the corporation. In addition, owners are required to have proper insurance on their property.

Consult with your insurance advisor or agent to determine the insurance coverage that best suits your personal needs. Our Association carries property and liability insurance for the common areas. To obtain details of coverage, contact:

Smith Insurance Associates Inc.
1120 Bethlehem Pike
Spring House, PA 19477
215-542-5959 email:

Trash Collection

Trash Removal for Single-Family and Patio Homes:


Please visit for information on Trash Removal.  Trash and garbage are collected by Mt. Laurel Township and is scheduled for Monday’s.  Should a legally celebrated holiday fall on a Monday, trash will be collected on the following day.

Trash and garbage must be in secured heavy-duty plastic bags (preferably black) or plastic containers – do not put in cardboard boxes – and placed curbside after 3:00PM Sunday before collection day and no later than 6:00 a.m. on collection day.

Bulk items, such as mattresses, carpeting, etc., can be placed curbside without first arranging for collection with the Mt. Laurel Department of Public Works. “White goods such as refrigerators, washers and dryers CAN NOT BE PLACED CURBSIDE UNLESS YOU ARRANGE FOR PICKUP WITH PUBLIC WORKS AT: (856) 234-0064.

The trash removal schedule may be subject to changes made by Mt. Laurel Township.  Please call Public Works for an up-to-date schedule.

Never dispose of your trash, garbage, or bulk items in the Condominium dumpsters. Condo residents must pay for a private collector to have their trash and garbage removed.  Only Condo residents are permitted to discard their trash or garbage in dumpsters assigned to the Condo areas.

Recycling is handled by Burlington County.  For curbside recycling issues or questions, please call 609-267-6889, or email  For general recycling information, call 609-499-1001 or email

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